You have had some really fantastic ideas – and then… nothing.   What a shame to let your inspiration go without a chance.  For some of us this happens frequently.  Sometimes with good reason – too busy, doesn’t fit our strengths, we personally don’t care.  Well whatever the reason, there is someone out there who does care about your idea, it does fit their strengths and they have the resources to make that idea come true.

Kicking it all off I will post ideas here:  Some ideas will not be amazing or possibly down right silly, however some may also be significant to us all.

RTT ( Roberts Think Tank ) we will cover ideas from the simple gadget, new phrases for a changing world, or take on old entrenched ideas like ‘There is not enough in the world so we should hoard all we can’.  Yuck.  In contrast, when we work together we are more powerful and there is enough.

If you have not got the memo, Big Business / AKA the ‘Corporate Person’ is not going to take care of you and me or the world we live in; that is up to us.

So browse. Take action on what you like or offer suggestions. When an idea from the community does work out great, let those who you found to be truly inspiring know.

Peace and Prosperity